Ford Theatres

How Do You Connect a City With Its Own Hidden Talent?


Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world, filled with leading performers. Our ambitious task was to distinguish the Ford from being seen as just another entertainment venue.

Brutal Simplicity Of Thought

Target Insight

Culture junkies find belonging by sharing experiences with peers.

Brand Insight

An unforgettable connection that bonds you to Los Angeles.

Powerful Truth

Culture worth sharing.



We understood that our brand campaign needed to celebrate the Ford Theatres’ unique mission to provide a stage for all artists of LA, regardless of their marquee value.  This led us to the big idea: “LA’S FRESHEST TALENT.”




Video content

We created three series of documentary-style social content that explored the diverse programming offered at the Ford. The first series, titled “Performers’ Journeys” shared behind-the-scenes insight into local artists, their motivations, style and pre-show preparation. The second series, “Pop Up Performances,” were live guerrilla performances shot in and around famous venues in Los Angeles for unexpected audiences. The final series, titled “Coffee for a Song” invited talented locals to share and celebrate their skills in exchange for a free coffee. Oh, and some free PR!

Social Content: Pop-Up Performance for Versa Style

Social Content: Performer’s Journey for Flypoet

Social Video: Coffee for a Song

The Results


impressions on social media channels during the summer season, a 1,997% increase

Total followings increased 21.9% across all social channels

The top Facebook post, “Versa-Style Pop-Up Performance” was viewed 257,744 times and had more than 10,000 engagements (likes, comments, shares)

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