Veggie Grill

How Do You Turn the Sidekick into the Hero?

The Task

More and more people are making a change to eat better. Whether it’s for weight issues, health benefits, ethical beliefs or environmental concerns, for many this means eating more vegetables, more often.

Our task was to rewrite the Veggie Grill story for this broader consumer, repositioning the brand and expanding the appeal of the restaurant beyond vegans and vegetarians.

Brutal Simplicity Of Thought

Target InsighT

Both rationally and emotionally, mindful people choose to eat more vegetables because doing so makes them feel positively better.

Brand Insight

Only Veggie Grill makes veggie-centric food alluring, delicious, satiating and accessible to all.

Powerful Truth

Positively better.

The Idea

In-store posters

Social media campaign

Social media influencer content

Social media campaign

The Results


Quarter over quarter comparable store sales


Increase in Instagram audience


Increase in organic engagement on Twitter


Increase in Facebook engagement rate

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