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People have never taken more photos. And they have never printed less. Our work for Epson needed to remind everyone, from the world’s most respected professionals to amateur snappers, about the power of the printed image.

Client: Epson

Epson knew they needed a campaign that elevated their brand beyond just hardware, technology and inks. In a world where more and more emphasis was being placed on virtual media, Epson needed to remind everyone about the power of the print. This campaign could not feel like a brand sell. It had to come from the voices of the pioneers themselves. And so, “Print Your Legacy” was born.

To launch the campaign, we invited Steve McCurry, Mark Seliger, and a host of top photographers across genres, to explain in their own words why printing was so important to their craft.

We also invited the photographers to take over the Epson Instagram account, giving them the opportunity to curate content, post their favorite images and field questions from Epson followers.

Epson social media
Instagram posting by Steve McCurry
Instachat with Steve McCurry
Steve McCurry discusses Print Your Legacy on Instagram

Finally, we surprised some of Instagram’s most talented photographers by mailing them a small collection of their images, printed on Epson paper by Epson Pro Series printers. We put their printed images directly into their hands, often for the very first time, so they could experience for themselves the power of the print.

Print Your Legacy - Social Campaign

The Results

#1 market leader in Photographic Printing, with the help of our campaign.

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