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Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world. In a city with an array of entertainment venues to choose from, we helped shine the spotlight on Ford Theatres by bringing its unique mission to the forefront.

Client: Ford Theatres

Unlike other venues in Los Angeles, that often rely on heavy-hitting headliners to fill their seats, the Ford Theatres are driven by a unique mission. Operated in partnership with the Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation, the Ford’s mission is to provide a stage specifically for the diverse artists who call Los Angeles home, regardless of their marquee value.

After a $70+ million renovation, funded in large part by taxpayer dollars, we needed to remind Angelenos about this hidden gem that is so much a fabric of the city. Our big idea: Bring the performances that are unique to the Ford out to the city itself, and invite Los Angelenos all across town to discover “LA’S FRESHEST TALENT.”


Video Content Series

We created three series of documentary-style videos that explored the diverse programming offered at the Ford. For the first series, titled “Performers’ Journeys,” we followed local artists in the weeks leading up to their upcoming Ford performances, getting a behind-the-scenes peek at their pre-show preparation.

The second series, “Pop Up Performances,” were live guerrilla performances shot in and around famous venues in Los Angeles, including the Broad Museum and Grand Central Market. The final series, titled “Coffee for a Song,” invited all of Los Angeles’s unsung talent to perform at a pop-up event at a local coffee shop. PR-worthy and uniquely Los Angeles, it was the perfect distillation of the Ford’s mission as a welcoming place for the many incredible artists who call Los Angeles home.

Launch Rollout

As the new summer season kicked off, we were able to take the idea of “LA’S FRESHEST TALENT” and customize it to a variety of audience touch points, including the Ford’s full-season brochure, on-site messaging, as well as communications that spotlighted individual performances.

The Results

6.3M impressions on social media channels during the summer season, a 1,997% increase.
21.9% increase in followings across all social media channels.
250K+ views of our top Facebook post, from the Pop Up Performance Video Series, with over 10K engagements.

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