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Fox Restaurant Concepts

Thirteen distinct websites in twelve months. That’s the not so small achievement we delivered for this passionate restaurant group. Add to that brand strategy, content creation and extensive digital and social campaigns, and you get a proven recipe for success.

Client: Fox Restaurant Concepts

When Fox Restaurant Concepts (FRC) came to us, they had more than a dozen sub-brands – ranging from upscale American comfort food to modern Mexican – but they lacked an overarching brand or positioning to tie it all together.

Additionally, each of their restaurants had a unique experience, but they were using a “one-size-fits-all” approach for digital, which didn’t allow the personality of each brand to shine through. And perhaps most importantly, the majority of their business was hyper-regional, with little brand equity outside of their founding city of Phoenix, Arizona.

FRC needed to expand their national footprint. We brought our expertise to helping FRC develop a multi-brand strategy, including new websites for each restaurant and digital and social strategies for several of the sub-brands.


Creative. Culinary. Community.

Through research, we discovered that FRC’s core audience valued local, boutique restaurants over chain restaurants because they generally provided better service, food and experience. But we also knew Fox Restaurant Concepts had a 20-year track record of creating restaurant brands that offered unparalleled experiences catered to the areas they serve. FRC isn’t like other corporate groups or chains that lack in authenticity and individuality. But how could we tell that story?

We distilled the essence of the FRC brand into three powerful words: Creative. Culinary. Community. These three words became the foundation of a communications platform that allowed FRC to bring its collection of restaurants together under a strong parent brand, while continuing to nurture the unique identity and development plan for each sub-brand in the family.

Bespoke Website Experiences

With this brand positioning in place, we brought “Creative. Culinary. Community.” to life on the web for FRC by focusing on editorial content and powerful, community-driven imagery.

As for the sub-brands, we needed to build digital communities that people could feel a part of. To do so, we looked at the intricacies and motivations of each of the restaurant’s current and potential audience.

For example, we recognized that what fueled the Flower Child community was very different than what lit up North Italia’s clan. And since websites are often the first digital touchpoint customers encounter, that was the first place we needed to make sure these differences were celebrated authentically, in terms of tone and imagery. Flower Child, for example, is all about happiness, freedom, health of mind and body. Whereas North Italia is all about comfort, handmade food, and warmth – so that shines through in the web experience.

FRC Social Media
Social Media / North Italia & Flower Child

Timely Targeting via Paid Social

Since we had done the research and built a strategic foundation for each brand, we knew that a tailored approach for each was necessary. For example, with Flower Child, we knew our audience cared about a healthy lifestyle but also a stylish self-image. With this in mind, many of our posts were lifestyle and influencer driven. As for North Italia, our posts were more food-driven but still with a strong sense of community, since we knew that was important to that audience.

The Results

27% increase in year over year net sales growth for FRC, with the help of our work.
2.8M visits across all websites, driving 66K+ reservations, in the first 6 months of 2018 alone.
13K new email subscribers, and 13K+ new Facebook & Instagram fans, across 6 brands, in just 6 months.
Best UI Design, Best UX Design and Best Innovation - CSS Design Awards
Mobile Excellence Awards – Awwwards

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