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The Power of Pacific

When most people think of Pacific Life, the first thing that comes to mind is their brand icon: the humpback whale. But after almost a decade of single-spot advertising, Pacific Life needed something more. We brought our strategic expertise to this beloved brand icon and created a campaign that helped potential customers discover and harness the “Power of Pacific.”

Client: Pacific Life

Our partnership with Pacific Life began in 2017, when the brand was ready to make some changes to their traditional corporate advertising strategy, moving away from single-year “one off” TV and digital executions, and investing instead in a multi-year, cross-channel campaign that utilized strong strategic thought and a consistent message.

We were tasked with maintaining brand awareness levels – the key and most important metric for corporate communications. But we also needed to take consumers beyond a simple awareness of the brand’s ubiquitous icon – the humpback whale – to a deeper understanding of what it meant, in the hopes that this would lead to a more elevated and strengthened connection to the brand.


The Power of Pacific

Research told us a number of important things about the Pacific Life customer. They’ve worked hard to enjoy their current lifestyle. They want the financial independence to continue to live life their way, well into retirement. And they wanted a financial partner they could trust to help them achieve their goals. We spoke directly to the needs of these customers with a campaign that delivered a simple but powerful message: You have the power to retire on your terms, when you harness the Power of Pacific.

Year 1 National Broadcast

We launched the “Power of Pacific” campaign with a series of TV spots that ran nationally. Each spot was built around the iconic whale breach captured in the Pacific Life logo, but with a technique that brought additional dimension and storytelling to this breathtaking moment. The campaign helped bring deeper meaning to Pacific Life’s brand icon, defining for the first time what the whale symbolized: 150 years of strength and stability, life insurance and retirement solutions tailored to your goals, a deep commitment to protecting generations of families, and having the confidence to create the future that’s most meaningful to you.

Year 2 National Broadcast

For the second year of the campaign, we evolved the “Power of Pacific” idea to focus more explicitly on the benefits of consumers choosing Pacific Life for their retirement products. We used learnings from various brand studies, campaign evaluation and stakeholder feedback to focus our narrative on a compelling benefit: retiring without retiring from life. This evolution of the campaign was a powerful affirmation for our target, a new breed of retirees who were redefining what it meant to be retired.

Year 1 & 2 Digital & Social

Paid digital and social executions strengthened and supplemented our overall “Power of Pacific” campaign, allowing us to add another layer of detail to our targeted messaging.

The Results

Nearly 9 in 10 respondents correctly linked our campaign to the Pacific Life brand.
More than half of respondents were likely to consider Pacific Life after seeing our campaign.
Nearly two-thirds of respondents felt positively about the campaign. In addition, consideration, trust and brand equity all improved across the board.

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