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After years of development, nonprofit 826LA tasked us with launching The Time Scouts Handbook, the centerpiece of their new Time Scouts creative writing program. We built a multi-channel launch around a Kickstarter campaign that allowed Time Travelers across the world to join. By the end, not only had we successfully launched the program, our work gave hundreds of students across LA free access to the Time Scouts program.

Client: 826LA

For over a decade, 826LA has provided time-themed creative writing and tutoring programs across Los Angeles. These programs generate their funding through the sale of time travel products and books sold at the Time Travel Mart, 826LA’s very real brick and mortar store. The programs run at no cost to students or teachers to participate.

In 2019, we were tasked with creating a launch campaign for Time Scouts, the newest after-school writing program from 826LA. In order to successfully launch the campaign for students, we would need to generate funding through sales of the Time Scouts Handbook, an 80-page book filled with time travel tips and writing prompts.

Time Scouts Handbook
The Time Scouts Handbook

In the months leading up to the launch, we brought Time Scouts to life with a multimedia campaign focused around letting time travelers across the globe join Time Scouts. The centerpiece of the campaign: a Kickstarter built around challenging fans to purchase a book for themselves and sponsor a student in the process.

Join Time Scouts

Our Time Scouts recruitment campaign came to life across a number of channels, from print to video, from digital to in-store retail.

After rounds of concepting, it became clear that Kickstarter was an incredible opportunity to scale the Time Scouts Handbook outside of 826LA programming. With the help of the ever dapper Marc Evan Jackson, we created a Kickstarter filled with tiers that allowed people to not only grab a copy of the handbook from themselves, but sponsor a book for a student.



To build out the world of Time Scouts, we created gear worthy of the program. Ranging from coffee tins to physical time badges like Prehistoric Petcare and Extinction Preparedness, we not only created great incentives for the Kickstarter, but a series of products that could be sold at the Time Travel Marts.


If you are going to create a fictitious Time Travel program, it better have its own website. We created an online portal where future Time Scouts could enlist, purchase gear, and even find ways to volunteer.


As the primary driver for our campaign, we created a series of social content built around showing the Time Scouts handbook and products in appropriate locations across time.

Time Scouts Social Media - 1
Time Scouts Social Media - 2
Time Scouts Social Media - 3
Time Scouts Social Media - 4

The Results

In under ten days we shattered our Kickstarter goals, fully funding the first generation of Time Scouts programming at 826LA.

Raised 250% of funding goal.
500 additional donated Time Scouts handbooks.
1 happy timeline.

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