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How Do You Persuade Men to Wear Women’s Shoes?

How do you convince men to wear – and love – a women’s fashion brand?

And how do you enable UGG For Men to achieve near-sellout on a brand new style, making it their best-selling non-slipper product ever?

the task

UGG For Men had a new product story. Their Treadlite sole had been designed to deliver the same iconic comfort the brand is famous for, but with the added benefits of lightness, flexibility, durability and grip.

Our job was to make this story relevant – and desirable – to today’s man.

Brutal Simplicity Of Thought

Target Insight

Guys rarely think about the weight of the outsole when they consider buying casual shoes.

Brand Insight

Treadlite outsoles are so noticeably, incredibly light underfoot that any other casual shoe feels leaden by comparison.

Powerful Truth

Lighter is better.

the idea

Treadlite by UGG.

A lighter way to go.

The film launched globally on social media, in-store and as part of a pre-roll paid media plan.

Page take-overs, progressive banners and unique rich media formats brought the story to life in a disruptive and engaging way.


Tease silhouette images were released via social media in the key global markets including Paris, London, Shanghai, Tokyo, Amsterdam & NYC.

Social media, ecomm, retail window displays and interactive iPads in-stores showcased the ultra-light experience offered by Treadlite, while also highlighting the other product benefits such as durability and grip.

Print and OOH provided high impact campaign reminders at key metropolitan locations throughout the nation.

an evolution

The spring launch was so successful that Treadlite was rolled out to a number of other styles, both Men’s and Women’s.

For fall, and sturdy weather boots, this meant a new challenge.

How do you communicate both lightness and toughness? And even more difficult: how do you position lightness as a desirable benefit for a Men’s weatherproof boot?

Although we created four individual product stories for this campaign, this montage took pride of place on social media, the website and in digital media.  Created using super slow motion photography, and filmed over the course of several days, the footage truly captured “weatherproof” in a comprehensive and compelling way.

Print and OOH used our startling slow motion photography to beautifully demonstrate the weatherproof capabilities of the product.

We utilized the then-new social media platform Snapchat to help bring to life our multiple product stories.

The Results

The campaign was so successful it not only broke records for a particular product, but assisted in the overall rejuvenation of the UGG for Men brand.


In the first week of the spring campaign online retail partners experienced >90% sell-through. Zappos sold out completely


By the close of the campaign, the Freamon was the #1 selling Men’s non-slipper style in UGG For Men history


Overall, men’s footwear sales grew from < 1% to 30% of total UGG sales during the course of our relationship


Total UGG for Men sales

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