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October 7, 2016

Breakthrough App for Sacramento Kings Launches

M&C Saatchi LA is thrilled to announce the release of the Sacramento Kings + Golden 1 Center App. The app, launched to coincide with the opening of the new high-tech arena, delivers users with a hyper-personalized experience, with on-demand information connected to their visit as well as access to an advanced display of visual data, exclusive video angles, and xll the must-haves for a modern sports team app.

The Sacramento Kings + Golden 1 Center App was a big endeavor and did present many complex challenges. One of these was to find a solution as to how best to combine two unique feature sets: one to support Kings stats and game information and the other was to support the arena amenities and events unique to Golden 1 Center. To solve this, the M&C Saatchi LA team, including creative social and digital experts Heavenspot who became part of the agency in 2015, designed two unique skins and menus that would serve the content most relevant to that user, while still allowing users to easily switch between the two feature sets based on their needs.”This dual team and venue app is a first of its kind, and M&C Saatchi LA’s strong portfolio of UI/UX design made us confident that they could bring that vision to life for our fans.” said Sacramento Kings Chief Technology Officer Ryan Montoya.

Integral to the app’s connective capabilities is the arena remote, accessible to all users but most instrumental to those attending a game. Users can leverage the remote for transportation, providing a range of options including UBER integration, a direct link to purchase parking in advance, as well as select public transportation information to help fans plan their route. Once users are at the event, they can leverage the remote to view multi-angle replays to catch a missed play or the shot from a different perspective. Also included in the remote are features that provide users with in-seat food ordering capabilities as well as information on restroom and concession wait times. M&C Saatchi LA sought to create a one-stop shop for fans inside Golden 1 Center so users could quickly access these amenities with as few taps as possible.

The vision for the app had to be seamless, and that principle was tested throughout the process. Features should be easy to understand, easy to read and engaging to the touch. What’s more, the user base was broad, as expected users did not fit any one profile. This app could reach a variety of end users: local Kings fans, regional concertgoers or people trying to stay in touch with their favorite team and venue news from across the globe.”The app has a diverse feature set for an audience whose needs vary dramatically depending on where and when they access it,” commented Julia Bartine, VP, Director of Experience Design, Heavenspot | M&C Saatchi LA. “We designed it for contextual awareness, surfacing specific content and tools based on what we can predict about users’ needs moment-to-moment. Ultimately, it provides a platform for a personalized experience.”

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