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December 6, 2016

Groundlings’ Holly Mandel Shares Why “Good Girls Aren’t Funny” At M&C Saatchi LA

As part of an ongoing effort to #ChangetheRatio, M&C Saatchi LA hosted improv performer, Groundlings graduate, and founder of Improvolution, Holly Mandel.

Holly took the agency and guests through her engaging talk, “Good Girls Aren’t Funny”, and guided a discussion around women’s development and the idea of the “good girl.” How is this holding women back? How can women better understand the roles their cultural and physiological histories play in how they behave? What will it take to impact change? These were among the many questions explored, with participation from both the women and men in the room. Comedic and insightful, everyone in attendance left inspired, with a new perspective on how we can work towards busting the idea of the “good girl.”

Holly Mandel at M&C Saatchi LA

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